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Please feel free to say hello and let me know what you think of my photos.

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Question   Beautiful work
It is so refreshing to see someone who loves what they do. It is so obvious you love your work since thru your camera lens, you can see the passion you have for photography, and the warmth you show for the animals. It is so wonderful to see the two things you love most, bring a smile and joy to so many others. Incredible work Lisa.

- Larry Nanoy April 08, 2014

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Question   Awesome work
It is so rare in life to be able to do something you truly love AND be good at it!! The pictures are beautiful and your compassion for these animals is conveyed thru your lenses. Incredibe pics, incredible person..I am in awe!~!

- Larry "Mach 1" April 05, 2014

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Question   Thank you Gloucester Dog Park
Your presence at the Gloucester Dog Park Grand Opening was such a special attraction for all the people and dogs there. We couldn't believe the lines you had of people and their dogs waiting to capture the unique bond between them. Thank you so much for sharing the day with us and for offering your talents and capturing those 'kodak' moments. It was such a pleasure to have you there.

- Mary Lou Maraganis May 18, 2013

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Question   Bennie
I just adore your photos of Bennie. I am in school for my BS in photography and my pets are my favorite subject. I am on Facebook under Cindee L Piccola or Rudolph Larue Piccola, my Siamese 3 year old male. I met you through an email that I had received from the meezers group on Google.I live in upstate NY, 20 miles west of Pittsfield,MA.

- Cindee Piccola February 19, 2012

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Question   Incredible!
I am absolute in awe of your work. The catagory doesn't matter, it is all spectacular.

- Bonnie Carter January 17, 2012

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Question   Gracie
You have talent, the pictures are first rate. I wish you lived closer to Texas.

- Karen Luckenbach July 25, 2011

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Question   .
Beautiful pictures! Good luck with the site and hopefully the forthcoming business!

- jez beasley July 25, 2011

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Question   Gracie
Your work is beautiful - Gracie looks so beautiful and the backgrounds chosen compliment her so well - really nice work!

- Emily Strong July 25, 2011

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